My name is Malcolm, and This is my mission:


One Place at a Time

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Current Location: Ohio

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In 2014, I started traveling around the country. What started as a trip to see the country and meet others along the way before moving to a new home, quickly became a mission to help other men of trans experience connect with one another.

This is my mission

As Featured In

49/50 States, Vancouver, Brighton, Berlin,
& so much more to come...

As Featured In

Learn more about my story and Mission!


"Cross-Country Traveler Brings Trans Men Together One State at a Time" - Check Out the Video!

NPR here & Now

"Meet The Transgender Traveler"


"10 Incredibly Inspiring LGBT Instagrammers You Should Be Following"

The Rainbow Times

"Malcom Ribot: FTM Traveler Trailblazes a Path for Trans Men Across the U.S."

FTM Magazine

Cover article and other features

Transcaster Radio

"FTM Traveler - Being a part of the Queer community has always been something I have cherished. Malcolm is bringing the amazing community together and has been for the last 5 years."

CMX Summit

"Connecting Our Community and Spreading Visibility: The FTM Traveler with Malcolm Ribot" - Check Out the Video!

Thriving Life Counseling Podcast

"FTM Traveler - Have you ever thought about selling everything and traveling around in your car? Well The FTM Traveler does that but in a way that helps improve the lives of so many."

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49/50 States, Brighton, Berlin, and Vancouver, BC so far...

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