Who am i?

A Few Words About Me

Who am I?

My name is Malcolm Ribot, and I am...

a trans man. a community builder. an advocate. a graphic designer. a painter. a creator. a dancer. a hiker. a wanderer. a traveler. a fur father. a plant daddy. a human.

My name is Malcolm Rene Ribot, and I am a community builder, advocate, graphic designer, artist, avid hiker, constant wanderer, wiggler, father of a beautiful catahoula leopard dog named Grayson, a stunning kitten named Maitea Amaia Squirrel, and about 50 plants and counting. Oh, and I am a man of trans experience.

I was born in Maryland and grew up in PA, Germany, UT, IN, and IL – where I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. After working at a travel goods company for 5 years as their packaging designer, I left for life on the road and found my true purpose and calling as the FTM Traveler.
In June, 2015, I began traveling with my trusty copilot Catahoula pup, Grayson, where I found my purpose in connecting fellow men of trans experience with one another – helping folks like me see that they are not alone, and that there are other folks like us often even nearby. I've done so in 49/50 states, Vancouver, Brighton, and Berlin thus far – with much more to come.

I now also volunteer, work with, and partner with my favorite non-profit, The Venture Out Project, bringing together queer folks in the outdoors - combining 2 of my great passions into 1!
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What I can Offer!

I do a few things

Community Building

Request a meet up/get together in your area!


Partner projects, road trips, youth camps, ambassador programs, influencer opportunities, etc.

Speaking Engagements/Appearances

Conferences, interviews, etc.​


Clinics, classrooms, conferences, etc.

Graphic Design

Chief Pixel Pusher: ABE Studios
Graphic Designer: Worth The Journey
Owner/Freelance Designer: Gorillashrimp Designs

Fine Art

Life drawing, painting, prints, originals, commissions, etc.