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Videos & Web Articles


"Cross-Country Traveler Brings Trans Men Together One State at a Time" - Check Out the Video!


"10 Incredibly Inspiring LGBT Instagrammers You Should Be Following"

Transform Washington

"I had fellow brothers nearby who helped me tremendously…so to find out that some people didn’t have that connection was heartbreaking."


"Travel Tips from Malcolm, the #FTMTraveler"

Illinois State University

"Malcolm Ribot, the FTM Traveler, visits ISU’s LGBT/Q Institute"


"Interview with Trans Advocate Malcolm Ribot"


"15 Trans Men Who Are Our Fitness Goals"

Newspapers & Magazines

The Rainbow Times

"Malcom Ribot: FTM Traveler Trailblazes a Path for Trans Men Across the U.S."

FTM Magazine

Cover article and other features​

Radio & Podcast Interviews

NPR here & Now

"Meet The Transgender Traveler"


"Transgender Traveler Builds A Brotherhood"

Transcaster Radio

"FTM Traveler - Being a part of the Queer community has always been something I have cherished. Malcolm is bringing the amazing community together and has been for the last 5 years."

Alaska Public Radio

"Transgender activist looks to connect trans men in the 49th state"


"FTM Traveler - Have you ever thought about selling everything and traveling around in your car? Well The FTM Traveler does that but in a way that helps improve the lives of so many."

Portraits of Southern Queers: A Venture Out Project Road Trip

"We hear from southern queer and trans folks about their life experiences and what they long for."

Speaking Engagements


CMX Summit 2017

"Connecting Our Community and Spreading Visibility: The FTM Traveler with Malcolm Ribot" - Check Out the Video!

Worth The Journey

Interview Style - Spring 2018

Elmhurst 205 School Board Meeting

"This man would like to speak" - Cameron - Check Out the Video!

Working with

Camps, Ambassador Programs, etc.

Outdoor Rec/Camps

Venture Out Project

Partnership road trip - 18 hikes in 30 days!
- Connecting queer folks in nature

Camp Indigo

"A summer day camp for trans and gender diverse youth"
Ages 4-16
- Camp Counselor: Leading Movement/Exercise Sessions

Camp Talahi with Transcend the Binary

Trans/Gender Diverse Virtual Camp - "Fearless Courage in Community"
Ages 13 - 18
- Volunteer Camp Counselor

Ambassador For

Ash & Erie

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(5'8" and under)
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